(Efter 1. behandling – kontrol og selvværd) I wanted to assess the initial effects and how I was after a week. So here Goes.. WONDERFUL.
And after a week WONDERFUL! Now for a bit more detail, I do feel like a great weight has been lifted from me and I am not so angry at myself all the time, and actually started to like myself more, very strange after so long. Getting things done feels a bit easier and I am definitely less stressed. I feel more in control and more aware of when I am not (at this point I have no tolerance and get very angry). I feel stronger with in my self but my will power is still not so good but is better.

(Efter 2. og 3. behandling – mælkeallergi og søde sager) I am a lot more up than I was. I told my boyfriend and to start with he was unsupportive and I told him so and he reflected on this and changed his approach. More caring and understanding. So that was good. Food wise I have been very good I went to a friends bbq and didn’t cheat once, thought the rest of the week has not been so good, the cheese thing has really worked I almost have an aversion to cheese now, I really don’t want to eat it. I must confess to eating a couple of chocolates but I haven’t had any biscuits, but I have been tempted but then not bothered. So I seem to be doing ok. I have lots about 2 kg so far. I am doing more exercise and seem to be improving I am also drinking much more water, I think I used to drink about a cup of water a day I am not at around 2 large jugs approx 2 l !
I feel better within myself too, stronger, not forceful though, a bit more solid, more relaxed. I seem to be coping better too. I think I am slowly making head way, things don’t seem such a burden and I am starting to enjoy myself more.
The last session seems to have really helped, perhaps I need to sort my problems out in another way (I don’t know what my brain is doing) but having the strength to stand up to it has been very helpful – I just hope brain is using self strength to push things away. Oh well I am sure something will pop up and we’ll see then !!